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Gumroad tutorial video launch!

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Ever since was created, a solid idea about forming and training vfx artists came to me every time I tried a new software. Since 2014 we´ve had a huge explosion of amazing 3d and compositing tools like we haven´t had in the past, mostly due to a huge improvement on graphic cards. It´s vital as a new user to know how to manage a variety of applications these days. You hear about “industry standard” tools, but clearly most of the costs for using them after trial periods become very hard to pay specially if you´re a young artist with no experience on the industry or has just moved in town and need to get your hands into a paycheck as soon as possible.

“Schiller Tips” will be covering lots of aspects from different softwares that probably you´ve heard of but needed to get the know-how in less than the standard 2h lasting video. The era of “2h+” video tutorial ended on the internet. We are more mobile than ever, and there was no formal vfx training done this way mostly because of requirements from “major league” training sites (we all know you fell asleep on minute 7 on certain sites..).

How does it work?

“Schiller Tips” will be delivered as on-going basis through GUMROAD.  Visit my channel, pick up a video you like, most of them will include files to help you get going. The best part? You get straight to the point, cutting the clutter. No “work arounds” or trouble methods; I get to the core. You´ve probably noticed the “shinkg!” sound on the promo video, right?

If this is your first time visiting, please take a look at my portfolio. I´ve been doing 3d animation and VFX since 2K, gladly thanking God for the opportunities I´ve had along many post houses, tv broadcast stations, publicity agencies, and many talented people who was supportive when I needed a “tip” to make my work go from “meh” to “yey!”.

Thank you very much for helping me make this effort happen. As I get so many requests for tutorials, I thought this might be the chance to finally launch basics to advanced tips for 3d animation and compositing. Share it on your nets!

You could get the first tips already on Gumroad! Depending on this week´s response I´ll be announcing what days the following video tips will be up for stream. Thank you!

Schiller Tips – NATRON “Roto nodes”

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