Aliens vs Pami

Algebra learning game

Help girly Pami to scape from the alien invasion at her school by solving basic algebra problems. You´re not good at algebra? Neither is Pami! That´s why New70n, her out from space calculator, will help you with hints and clues. The more you play, the more you´ll practice basic problem solving equations to defeat the enemy. Find more tips by collecting the books around the levels.

If you´re a teacher or a house parent, probably you wished more than once, that time children invest in videogames would´ve given them something meaningful in real life. This is the videogame you´ve been waiting for! With "Alien Invaders vs Girly Pami" the educational app for basic algebra teaching, the principles behind the math are practical and comprehensive while you progress into the levels.

Available for Android 2.2+ - Dowload now from Google Play Store - Click here!

VB2 Init

Fighting bullying for the future

The research for positive and negative emotions gave their results on 2 different type of energy for the future of society. VB2 is a noble robot who wants to stop bullying by cleverly using positive energy to rescue slaves from Dr. Death who´s trapped the city into a giant energy collecting dome. Your mission is to solve situations without using force, but rather kindness and problem  solving.

The game is aimed to help against the emerging problem of bullying in different parts of culture. Help VB2 in his mission to set free the city from Wheelie, Dr. Death and other enemies. The first beta release would be ready by fall 2017.