Eevee viewport on blender

EEVEE – Blender 2.8 real time viewport workflow

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Around a year ago I wrote about how competitive Blender is getting regarding the 3D production. Today I would really like to focus on their most recent accomplishment regarding a realtime viewport with “EEVEE. And I´m guessing those letters represent something around “Easy Environment for Visual Engineering and Expositions”…or something like that. Regardless EEVEE took […]

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Gumroad tutorial video launch!

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Ever since was created, a solid idea about forming and training vfx artists came to me every time I tried a new software. Since 2014 we´ve had a huge explosion of amazing 3d and compositing tools like we haven´t had in the past, mostly due to a huge improvement on graphic cards. It´s vital […]

Kizuna AI – Softimage model

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Hello everyone. I got great news: has released an .mmd (Miku Miku Dance) model for anyone to use it. Isn´t it amazing? Such detail, such colors, such…wait…you say Softimage can´t read .mmd models? -You´re right. That´s why I decided to use my transitional 3d package Blender 3D. Blender´s addons for importing bones and other […]

Blender 3D – A fresh perspective on 2016

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Blender 3D is an open source application for creating everything on the pipeline of 3D. It´s wide spectrum on 3d tools cover: Modeling, Sculpting, Retopology, Node-base shading, Node-base compositing (Tracking, Rotoscopy, Chromakeying, Color correction, Relighting…), Game engine (a.k.a Logic), Rigging and animation, Python scripting, Motion Capture and external driven data parameters (OSC compatible), Uv Painting […]

お昼休みにMA子 – 3 — Hidyboy’s Blog

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THIS IS A SHARED POST. I only shared it with the sole purpose of demostrating how Softimage is used on Japan: ライティングもそこそこに、SoftimageのSkinシェーダの調整をしてみる。 顔がホッソリして見えるのは、ライティング。 この方にライトを当てる場合は”極力上部から下に”が良い、正面やそれより下から当ててしまうと一気にフェイスラインがボッテリとして見えてしまうからだ。 ライティングをミスしてしまうと少しだけ、微妙に芸人のキンタローに近づいてしまうので注意が必要(ほんの少しだけ、全く大きさが違うからね)・・・ あと個人的な見解だが、髪の毛で頬を大きく隠しているヘアスタイルが多いのは、頬を隠すことで顔をこのライティングのようにシャープに見せようとしているのではと思われる(少しだけコンプレックスなのだろうか?)。 via お昼休みにMA子 – 3 — Hidyboy’s Blog