Most of today´s cinema is immensely benefiting from the use of 3d animation of fictional characters or fantasy worlds. The process of creating believable performances, realistic materials and scenarios, physically accurate simulations with real world scale are some of the disciplines that convey on a CGI movie scene.
With this technique we remove the blue/green background of any live footage and blend it seamlessly with a computer-generated scenario.
Isolating an image or each object one frame at a time. This is very time consuming and it is often used to enhance / embellish things on a live scenario like removing wires, patching non asthetics elements, or extracting only an specific part of an actor/actress to enhance it on screen.
We take all computer generated images (CGI) and integrate them to a live footage video. This requieres a complete knowledge of the production pipeline, passes, color theory and video editing skills to tell a story.